olive oil from Rogers International

olive oil from Rogers International

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Nunezdp.gif (19730 bytes) Nuñez de Prado Olive Oil
Produced by the Nuñez de Prado family since 1795, Spain's finest olive oil is completely hand-crafted from the gathering of the olives to the processing in the family's own oil mill. In a unique process, the oil is extracted from the crush before the first cold pressing to preserve the "Flor del Aceite" (flower of the oil). This extreme care results in the extraordinarily low oleic acidity of 0.1%. You will detect subtle hints of green apple, almonds, and burnt orange in this unfiltered oil.
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nunez de prado olive oil Nuñez de Prado Olive Oil
Nuñez de Prado is also available in a hand-made porcelaine bottle; each has a slightly different shape. The elegant yellow color of the bottle is obtained directly from soils in Andalusia.
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castello di ama olive oil Castello di Ama Olive Oil
Long recognized as one of the finest wine properties in the world and as one of the finest producers of Chianti, Castello di Ama has more recently received the highest acclaim for its extra virgin olive oil. The transformation from olive to oil is carried out following the best Tuscan tradition. Slow grinding millstones prepare the olive paste for subsequent oil separation. The resulting unfiltered oil has an opalescent green color with a characteristic fruity perfume. On the palate, it reveals a subtle combination of fruit and a pungency which lingers for a long, long time.
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trevi olive oil Trevi Olive Oil
This fresh, fruity, and intensely green Umbrian olive oil has been produced in the Trevi hillsides for 2,000 years. The production techniques are not much different from those used by the Etruscans at that time. Olives are hand picked in the field and carried the same day over rough terrain to the mill. The olives are crushed by two great granite stones and the oil is then separated with a Sinolea machine without pressure. Trevi has an aroma of fresh olives, and one can detect hints of green apple, Umbrian truffle, and an overtone of honey. It is smooth on the palate with a slightly peppery finish.
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Cinquemontibig.gif (19541 bytes)
Cinquemonti Olive Oil
Cinquemonti is the passionate expression of Mario Tistarelli, who unfortunately passed away in early 1999. When we first met him 2 years ago in Sarteano (near Siena), he described his boyhood memory of a wonderful olive oil given to him by his grandfather, but for over 30 years after his grandfather died, no one in the family seemed to know how to duplicate it. Then, he met a great uncle who had immigrated to America as a boy and returned to find his Italian roots. The great uncle knew the recipe and told Mario that it was a selection of only the darker olives, rejecting those that were either too acidic or too ripe. The olive varieties are moriaolo, lecchino, and frantoio, picked by hand, and crushed at the Tistarelli mill. You will find that Cinquemonti is complex with considerable body, great character, and longevity.
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MoulinsMaj.gif (67675 bytes) Moulins Mahjoub Olive Oil
The Mahjoub family is an exceedingly serious and able farming family which owns extensive olive groves in Tébourba, a town in north-central Tunisia, and the actual site of a Carthaginian olive oil mill over 2,000 years ago.

The family's mill contains large stones used
to grind the hand-picked olives to a paste which is then pressed in ancient gear presses driven by leather belts. Decantation of the oil from the vegetable water is by a unique process of hand skimming ("a la feuille"). Olive varieties are
Beldi and Oueslati, and the harvesting during December/January aims to pick each variety
just as it turns from green to black. The flavor
of this most elegant oil in the Provençal style
is harmonious and soft with a long finish.
The color is of slightly green apple and is unfiltered. You will find that this oil is not
the solo trumpet in your orchestra of cuisine
but is rather the Maestro.
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