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pio tosini proscuitto di parma Prosciutto di Parma Pio Tosini
The sweet ham of Langhirano, Italy acquires its incomparable taste and unforgettable aroma in the hills south of Parma, caressed by the sea breezes of the Mediterranean.

The very best prosciutto is made by the family company of Pio Tosini, founded by Ferrante Tosini at the beginning of the century and developed by his son Pio for whom the company is named.

Great care is taken at each stage of production. First-choice meats originating from swine of select breeds and raised according to the highest nutritional standards are carefully selected. Salt and time are the only ingredients added. In the traditional process, hams are cured for 400 days. At Pio Tosini, a curing time of over 500 days produces slow and even salt penetration, assuring the sweetest hams of uniform texture. Each ham is trimmed and de-boned by hand.

Rogers International is proud to be the exclusive importer of this extraordinary prosciutto.


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