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artisan cheese

appennino cheese
Look for our Appennino™ Italian cheeses
such as our Parmigiano Reggiano from
small farms in the Appennine Mountains.

Artisan Cheeses
Each spring and fall, representatives from Rogers International travel the back roads of Italy and Spain to seek the finest artisan cheeses. These are totally different from industrial cheese offered in supermarkets, and often come from old family recipes hand-crafted from unpasteurized milk Cheese can be defined as controlled decomposition, and it is natural to have artisan cheeses with various molds on the outside and occasionally throughout the inside as well. (The closer you come to moldless cheese, the closer you come to industrial cheese without taste.)



Alben Appennino™ Afuega'l Pitu White and Red
Asiago Appennino™ Cabrales
Bra, Castelmagno, Raschera Gamonedo
Fontina Val D'Aosta Vallet Pietro Garrotxa
Friuliano  Appennino™
Gorgonzola Piquante and Dolce Goat Cheese With Fine Herbs
Grana Padano Los Beyos
Montasio Appennino™ Manchego
Parmigiano Reggiano Appennino™ Monte Enebro
Pecorino Romano Pe├▒amellera
Provolone Roncal
Taleggio/Quatirolo Appennino™



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Organic Fresco Appennino™
Organic Mezzano Appennino™
Organic Parmigiano Reggiano Appennino™
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